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The Warning Signs of the Jezebel spirit

  • Selfish Agenda: This controlling spirit is motivated by a strong personal agenda, as opposed to God’s agenda, relentlessly pursuing it. It is intent on getting what it wants, usually using a person who very often does not realize he or she has become an agent of division and demonic destruction to God’s people and Jesus’ Church.
  • Undermine Authority: It seeks to undermine authority, most often the male authority – husband, boss, elder; self-appointing itself higher than the true authority. It is very legalistic and “religious”, and uses Christian vocabulary convincingly.
    • Very often using a tactic of condemning and judgmental “prophecy,” enhanced with flattery and seemingly sincere tender words.
    • Often brings needs-improvement lists to person of authority. For example: “This church is wonderful, but this one thing is lacking…”
    •  Often uses truth sharply and without true love, thereby leaving others with a depressing sense of heaviness.
  • Causes Despair: This destructive spirit causes fear, flight and discouragement.
  • Fear: “Is it true, O Lord, am I really proud, unteachable, undiscerning, or the things that I am being told?”
  • Flight: “I don’t have what it takes to lead here. I quit.”
  • Discouragement: “This is the tenth time I have had to deal with his accusation. I wonder if there is some truth to it. The battle is just not worth it. I’m tired of this.”
  • Usurp Leadership: They are natural leaders, although often covertly.
    • Attempting to raise a following, even one person at a time, enlisting any who will agree 
with them.
    • Gaining positions of leadership, they can be detected by the winds of confusion, 
accusations and division surrounding them and their dealings.
  • Insecure “bullies”: They are insecure, with vast histories of woundedness, which they are quick to share with any listener. They have pronounced ego needs evidenced by:
    • A need to be the teacher of the pastor, husband, boss – poising themselves above the true leader.
    • A need for public attention and display. They like to speak publicly and act hurt or wounded when they are disallowed to public exposure.
    • They claim secret knowledge and revelation that is unverifiable.
d. They’re self-appointed “discerners” or “seers”, often calling themselves “watchman on the wall” like the Old Testament “lookouts.”
  • Deceptive and manipulative: They are subtle, using intrigue to accomplish their wish, although many times they themselves do not know it or see it, and accuse others of being deceptive.
    • Often using flattery to posture themselves in control of others.
    • Often separating weak believers away from the body of Christ into private sessions of 
    • Often using acts-of-service to gain the affection and trust of leaders, and hopefully by this access to the leader gain control.
  • Arrogant: They are proud, independent and rebellious, usually accusing others of these same sins.
  • Takeover: They need the person with the true authority, like King Ahab in 1 Kings 21, to abdicate their position of authority, in order for them to thrive.
  • Religious spirit: They embody a religious spirit, which is legalistic, often
quoting scripture in an attempt to lend authority to their evil schemes (i.e. like Satan in the Garden of Eden or at the temptation of Jesus).
  • Dysfunctional families: The families and personal lives of those with this spirit
are, most often, out of order evidenced by a lofty alone-ness devoid of the joy and peace that are fruits, or evidence, of the indwelling Holy Spirit.
Posted in Life Blog on January 5, 2018.