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The Factors which blur our Vision 

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” – ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭29:18‬ ‭

We must be men and women of Vision.  When we lose our vision, we become directionless and purposeless in our lives.  Perhaps we may not lose our vision totally, but get it blurred. It’s equally dangerous. 

The Bible speaks of several factors which blur our vision — 

Faulty relationships
1 Jn 2:11 … He who hates his brother … in darkness … does not know where he goes … The spirit of fault-finding dims our sight— Mt 7:3-5 … speck in brother’s eye … plank in your eye … see clearly 

Casualness in virtues
2 Pet 1:5-9 … diligence … add … lacks these things… shortsighted … blindness … 

Unbelief in God’s power
When the disciples forgot the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000, He asked them, “Having eyes, do you not see?” (Mk 8:13-21). Because of unbelief and disobedience, the Israelites got into this condition — … eyes that could not see … … eyes darkened … (Rom 11:8-10,20,23) 

The heart of Gehazi, the servant of Prophet Elisha, was after “clothing, olive groves, vineyards, sheep,  oxen and servants” (2 Ki 5:25-27). As a punishment, he not only became a leper,
he also lost his spiritual vision … Elisha had to pray, “Lord, open his eyes!” (6:15-17)

Similarly, Prophet Balaam, when he went after money, lost his vision (Num 22:25-32). He could not see even what a donkey could see! 

Misplaced zeal 
In his “zeal without knowledge” Paul was making a havoc of the Church (Acts 8:3). He was struck with blindness by a light from heaven (Acts 9:1-9). It was more than a physical blindness; scales had to fall from his eyes (vv17,18), so he could “see the Just One!” (Acts 22:11-15).  Beware of fleshly enthusiasm which sets aside God’s will (Acts 9:6; Acts 22:14) 

Indifference to people’s needs
When The Disciples Were Talking About the physical food, Jesus turned their attention to see the spiritual needs of others — “Lift up your eyes and look at the fields!” Jn 4:30-35

Food is necessary ,but over occupation with our immediate physical needs will blur our missionary vision (Mt 6:31-33)

Neglect of the Spirit’s anointing
We must not be satisfied with the Holy Spirit’s indwelling; we must seek His anointing Acts 2:16,17 …
I will pour out of My Spirit …see visions …  
1 Cor 2:9,10 …
Eye has not seen …revealed thro’ His Spirit … 
It was the “second touch” of Jesus that made the blind man see everything clearly — Mk 8:22-25 

Unawareness of our blindness is serious.
That was the condition of the Laodicean Church (Rev 3:17). Let’s seek the Lord to anoint our eyes again. 

Posted in Life Blog on July 24, 2017.