Life Fellowship Church, Trivandrum, India


Welcome! It is a joy to have you here. We believe it is by God’s plan and purpose that you are at this site.

Life Fellowship is a non-denominational church, a family of God’s children based out of Trivandrum, capital of the state of Kerala, fondly known as God’s own country.  Here in this family, we are committed to equipping people grow into the fulness of Christ through the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to join us at our gatherings where people from all backgrounds come together under one banner, glorifying one Name- the name of Jesus Christ.  It would truly be a great pleasure to meet you in person, know more about you, and develop an enduring long-term relationship with you.

In the following pages, you will find life-giving messages and a host of material to build you up in Christ.

Stay blessed!