Life Fellowship Church, Trivandrum, India

Our History

It was in 1991 that God began to put a strong desire in the hearts of a few young people to come together every week to worship Him and share their experiences with one another for the purpose of mutual edification. They christened themselves as ‘Life Fellowship’, where LIFE stands for ‘Living In Faith Everyday’.

The Lord worked wonderfully in their midst and soon the Fellowship began to grow and produce change in many lives. What started off mainly as a ministry for youth began to stretch its wings, expand its horizons and impact people from every level of society.

The Holy Spirit put a great hunger and thirst in these hearts to now join together as one body of believers. Their purpose was to gather in large and small groups to ‘worship the Lord in spirit and truth’ and to build their lives ‘upon the pure truths of the written Word’. September 1996 thus witnessed the transition of Life Fellowship into a non-denominational church, that is, ‘a church for Everybody’!

As we trace our roots, we would also like to pay special tribute to those who labored hard in the early years of this ministry and have now gone to receive their eternal reward from the Lord.

One such pillar of strength who supported us by his prayers and godly wisdom was Pastor E.V.Varghese, father of our founder, Sam T.Varghese. E.V.Varghese was a senior pastor, a well-known lyricist, preacher, and Bible teacher. He served the Lord for many years in Ceylon (present-day SriLanka) and the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He went to be with the Lord on December 1998.